Pingcheng Jian

I am a second year PhD student in the ECE department at Duke University. I'm fortunate to be advised by Professor Michael Zavlanos. I am also working with Professor Boyuan Chen at Duke General Robotics Lab.

Previously, I obtained my bachelor of engineering from the Department of Automation at Tsinghua University in 2021.

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I'm interested in robotics and machine learning. Much of my research is about applying machine learning methods to robots.

DAIR: Disentangled Attention Intrinsic Regularization for Safe and Efficient Bimanual Manipulation
Minghao Zhang*, Pingcheng Jian*, Yi Wu, Huazhe Xu, Xiaolong Wang

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Disentangled attention provides an intrinsic regularization for two robots to focus on separate sub-tasks and objects. We solve complex bimanual robot manipulation tasks on multiple objects with sparse rewards

Adversarial Skill Learning for Robust Manipulation
Pingcheng Jian*, Chao Yang*, Di Guo, Huaping Liu, Fuchun Sun
ICRA, 2021
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Using adversarial reinforcement learning to imrove the robustness of robotic manipulation.